Wednesday 6 August 2014

'My studio desk

'My studio desk', a diary drawing by John Vernon Lord, 20 February 1982.
Also published in Drawn to Drawing, Nobrow Press, 2014 page 167.

There is nothing quite like the studio desk upon which you work. I have been working at this desk for the past 32 years and have developed a great fondness for it. A diary entry for the 20th of February 1982 reads: ‘Today I purchase a superb desk of solid mahogany, replete with three drawers and two cupboards. The desk used to be a clerk’s desk in Victorian times and came recently from Hanover Terrace in Brighton and previous to that it was lodged in a solicitor’s office in London. It has the following dimensions: 8 feet long x 2 feet 6 inches deep and 2 feet 8 inches high. I bought it from John Bird for one hundred and sixty pounds and most of the day was spent making room for it in the studio’.

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