Tuesday 19 August 2014

'Looking and Listening' (Eye(d)ear)

'Looking and Listening' (Eye(d)ear), a drawing by John Vernon Lord , 2014.

I have always thought that 'Looking and Listening' should be the most important components of the curriculum in schools. They are senses that are taken too much for granted. I don't mean 'hearing and seeing' but looking and listening ‘Looking and Listening’ are the foundations of creativity and give sharpness to all people's lives – not only for artists, performers and musicians but for the engineers, scientists, doctors, nurses, builders, shopkeepers, cooks, lawyers, policemen, sportspeople – all of us. Developing and intensifying our observational and thinking faculties are crucial from the beginning. This is where imagination and ideas spring from. Yes, you can be taught to look and listen more sharply so that you can improve these senses; ultimately so that you can live a more fulfilled life and be more confidently equipped in whatever work you take up. (Lecture over!!)

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