Saturday, 12 July 2014

'CNAA Principle Three'

'CNAA Principle Three', a diary drawing by John Vernon Lord, 26 May 1985 
and published in Drawn to Drawing, Nobrow Press, 2014, page 156/157. 

During the 1980s the Council for National Academic Award’s Committee for Art and Design spent some considerable time giving attention to the implementation of its Principle 3, which was concerned with the overall balance and aims of programmes of study for art and design students. 
I was on a Working Party of the Committee that looked into the relevance of this principle to courses in Art and Design. Hence I wrote out the principle here in full as a way of getting it into my brain, believing that writing such things out often aids memory. It was an educational principle that was keen to make sure that students perceived their studies within a broad perspective and to appreciate disciplines other than their own, as well as avoiding narrow specialism.

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