Wednesday 9 January 2013

The Giant Jam Sandwich covers

Four different covers of The Giant Jam Sandwich, story and illustrations by JVL and verses by Janet Burroway, Jonathan Cape 1972.

The top left hand design was my original, not wanting to give the story away by just having a single wasp on a tree stump surveying the scene of the village. The book is still in print after 41 years


  1. My name is Keisha, I'm 36 years old and one of my favorite books is still, to this day, The Giant Jam Sandwich. I remember being in elementary school during the 1980s and loved checking this book out of our school library. I loved the fiber like cover with all it's fall looking colors, the smell of a library book, the vibrant colors throughout the book and the story itself. I hated bees, then and now. I loved jam sandwiches and was one of the few people who ate it the way it was prepared in your story. It was as if you and Janet made that book for me. :) All these years later I missed that book and though I assumed it was out of print I did another search. I was delighted to find Amazon still selling the book. Today I received my very own copy in the mail. I posted about it on my facebook page (partly because of pride, partly to rub it in to those who do not have it) and decided to look up more info on you so I could tell you as well. Here I am, and here you are. :) Thank you for sharing and illustrating that story. Tonight I will read this to my kids and maybe one day get them their own copy, as they'll not be able to pry this one from my hands. :)


    1. Thanks for your kind message Keisha. 'The Giant Jam Sandwich' is now just over 40 years old and it delights me that so many generations have enjoyed the book. You'll be intrigued to hear that I am allergic to wasp stings!

    2. Oh my! Well that would be why you put them in jam then. :p I'm not allergic but did grow up on a farm so I was stung often. Too often. My boys loved the story last night (even the 12 year old) and I'm still so tickled to have it and your reply. :)