Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Old Lady of Winchelsea (Edward Lear)

The Old Lady of Winchelsea (Edward Lear)
 an illustration by John Vernon Lord in 
The Nonsense Verse of Edward Lear
Jonathan Cape, 1984.


  1. It's always a pleasure to visit your site. I used to be a student of yours on the MA Sequential back in the late 90s and you've been nothing but a constant inspiration to me. After having spent the last 17 years in teaching, I've decided to quit the day job and take the risk of becoming a full time artist. For the last 2 years I've been building a portfolio of work, and your site has been my 'go to' for a morale boost. I still enjoy reading your lecture notes for Black and White. Thanks taking the time to upload your work. It's nothing short of brilliant.

    1. Thanks Darin. It is very kind of you to comment in such a way. Very good luck with your new venture.