Tuesday 26 July 2016

Edward Lear's complete nonsense, translated into Russian, by Boris Arkhiptsev (Борис Архипцев)

Boris Arkhiptsev (Борис Архипцев) has recently completed his edition of the Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear after 25 years of translating the poems, and other works, into Russian. Here we can see the book jacket of this majestic and elegant volume of 750 pages. A significant part of the texts were translated into Russian for the first time. Arkhiptsev’s translations are distinguished with a rare blend of accuracy and faithfulness to the author. The book is bilingual: the Russian translations are set next to Edward Lear’s English texts and are accompanied by Lear's own illustrations. The publisher is «Геликон Плюс» (Helicon Plus, St. Petersburg). I have been informed by Boris that the book includes all Lear’s verses from my own book The Nonsense Verse of Edward Lear (see previous Blog posting) and other texts by Lear. 

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