Wednesday 12 August 2015

Mr Ellwood enters a building

Mr Ellwood enters a buikding
from The Runaway Roller Skate, Story and illustrations by John Vernon Lord,
Jonathan Cape, 1973, page 14.


  1. Me and my children have recently discovered "The Giant Jam
    Sandwich" it has truly transformed out reading. We can spend an age on just one page looking at your illustrations, we always find something new. My son takes it to his pre-school most days for his teacher to read, she now has her own copy. I'm so happy we have found your book, it will stay with us forever and be a beautiful memory of my children's childhood for us all. We are now in search for "The Runway Roller Skate" and "Mr Mead" Thank you

  2. Thanks Joanna, It is very kind of you to say all this.
    It was good to start the day with such a plaudit from you.

  3. My absolute pleasure, we are eagerly awaiting your next post to see if Mr Ellwood catches that mouse!