Saturday 14 June 2014

'Meeting of the Directorate'

'Meeting of the Directorate', a drawing, or 'doodle', carried out at a meeting by John Vernon Lord in 1990
and published in Drawn to Drawing, Nobrow Press, 2014, page 219.


  1. Dear John,
    I just bought the NoBrow book – it's stunning.
    I remember you as external examiner at Leeds Poly in the early 90's when I was graduating (taught by Phil Redford, Jack Chesterman and John Ross). I now lecture there myself (now Leeds Met) and also doodle in meetings, unfortunately I throw mine away (not quite as good as yours).
    I'll be recommending your book to hundreds of students.
    Mick Marston

  2. Thanks very much Mick, it is very good of you to write. I enjoyed examining in Leeds and Jack, John and Phil were great company. Glad you are teaching there and make sure you carry on doodling - it'll keep you sane! Don't throw them away. I hope your students enjoy the book. All the best