Wednesday 4 September 2013

The Queens drink Alice's health

The Queens drink Alice's health; an illustration by JVL in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-glass
Artists' Choice Editions, 2011

The text:

 'Take a minute to think about it, and then guess,' said the Red
Queen. 'Meanwhile, we'll drink your health -- Queen Alice's health!'
she screamed at the top of her voice, and all the guests began
drinking it directly, and very queerly they managed it: some of
them put their glasses upon their heads like extinguishers, and
drank all that trickled down their faces -- others upset the
decanters, and drank the wine as it ran off the edges of the table --
and three of them (who looked like kangaroos) scrambled into the
 dish of roast mutton, and began eagerly lapping up the gravy, 'just
like pigs in a trough!' thought Alice.

'You ought to return thanks in a neat speech,' the Red Queen said,
frowning at Alice as she spoke.

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