Tuesday 9 July 2013

JVL's studio desk

JVL's studio desk on the 7th of November in 2007; 
the last time I got down to sorting out my art materials and equipment!


  1. John, it's a pleasure to follow your blog. Brilliant work, and it spans such a wide range...from Glossop to Brighton to Ditchling. From Lear to Carroll to Snorri Sturleson.

  2. Thanks Pete, you are the only person within a few dozen miles from Oxton who would know who Snorri Sturleson is! Glad you like my stuff. Just finished illustrating Finnegans Wake. Quite an adventure.

  3. Very interesting to see all the tools of another trade laid out, with such organization!

    Found your blog, after deciding to Google your name... after just coming to the computer, from reading to my 3yr old boy, who LOVES the Giant Jam Sandwich!
    It was among the first books (above and beyond simple picture books), that really sustained his interest from start to finish

    41 years later.. still entertaining! :)