Friday, 14 February 2014

Finnegans Wake notebook (Cad with a pipe)

A spread from JVL's notebook devoted to James Joyce's Finnegans Wake, 2012. 
This spread includes some of the notes for the episode of the Cad with a pipe.

Yesterday the Folio Society had its launch of its Spring books at the British Library.
Among the books is a new edition of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake edited by Danis Rose and John O'Hanlon with my illustrations in it. If anyone is interested in having a look at the Folio Society’s blog about my illustrations and notebooks - here is the link


  1. Hello John

    Congratulations on your wonderful new Folio Society edition of Finnegans Wake, and for the insights you have provided here and on the Society’s blog page. I have been drawing my way through the Wake for several years and am convinced that this is a valid way to approach the text, certainly a richer personal experience than when I attempted to read it ‘conventionally’. So much has been said and written about the books aural qualities but, as a visual practitioner its the texts amazing visuality that interests me – and the way that it seems to syntactically behaves more like an image than it does a novel. I write a monthly guest blog ‘Illuminating the Wake’ for the James Joyce Centre in Dublin, if you get time to access it. Again, many thanks for such an impressive addition to imaginings of the Wake.

    Clinton Cahill

  2. Just seen these on the guardian website, absolutely brilliant John.